What do you do when espresso tastes sour

You’ve invested in a new super stylish espresso machine that looks great in your kitchen only to find that your precious espresso shot has a sour and unpleasant taste.

Don’t panic! We’ve got some pro tips to fix this terrible coffee conundrum quickly and easily.

Brew ratio

A sour taste is caused by under-extraction. This is a problem in balancing the amount of ground coffee and the amount of water or brew ratio. If there’s not enough hot water in the mix, this results in sour, under-extracted coffee. The ratio we recommend is one part coffee to two parts water.

Grind Size

The other factor that affects extraction is the grind size. If you grind your coffee too coarsely, you will end up with espresso that pours too quickly, meaning that the coffee grounds are not exposed to the water for long enough to extract their full, rich flavour.

Check the manual on your coffee grinder to find out the correct setting for the grind size you need. To see the coffee grinders that we recommend for espresso use, read our blog on the subject here.

Dirty Espresso machine and equipment

If dirt and oils are not removed with regular cleaning of your coffee machine, they will go rancid, affecting the taste of your coffee, making it taste sour or bitter and unpleasant. Keeping your machine clean with daily and weekly cleans and regular descaling is vital.

Check out our wide range of specialist products to keep all your coffee equipment sparklingly clean and fresh.

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