Best Manual Coffee Grinders in 2022

No matter whether you are an early riser and want to keep the noise levels down when enjoying your first brew of the day or are a regular traveller looking to enjoy your coffee blend away from home, a manual coffee grinder is a must have for every coffee lover’s equipment list. And, for anyone…

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The Etzinger etzMAN grinder has arrived!

Do you ever wish you set your electric grinder to ‘silent mode’? We’ve all been there – you’re first up and you want to crack on with your morning brew but you’re all out of freshly ground coffee. Problem is, your electric grinder risks waking your nearest and dearest – for whom no amount of coffee could soothe.…

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Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders: How to pick the right one

hand adjusting grind setting on baratza 270wi

Choosing the right coffee grinder is as personal as choosing your favourite bean blend. It will always relate to your needs and goals as a home barista and the decision will inevitably raise questions about your coffee ritual. So, while there are arguments for both manual and electric grinders (and we think both types are…

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Where to buy coffee grinders

pouring latte art

You’ve decided that you want to brew coffee at home and create a barista experience right in your kitchen. But where is the best place to buy a coffee grinder? With a huge growth in online shopping, a quick search on your phone will bring up a wealth of coffee grinder options, however, how do…

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