Aeropress or French Press? Which to Choose?

aeropress silhoutte

You might be like “I’ve heard of this Aeropress thing, but ive always used a French Press, which should I be using?!” A great question. Everyone has or has used a French Press, your nan probably had a dusty one in her cupboard somewhere. Your family dust it off when a guest is around and serves them “the good coffee”.…

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Grinding Coffee Beans for Your Cafetière or French Press

fellow Clara being poured

What is a cafetière? Cafetière is the French word for a coffee pot. This simple, yet effective, coffee brewer is also commonly known as aFrench press. The basic design is a pot or beaker with a mesh plunger, which forces hot water through the coffee grounds while separating them from the liquid. Which coffee should I…

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Awesome Coffee Grinders for French Press

hand pouring coffee from fellow Clara

We think that every coffee over probably started brewing with a French press. These simple and elegant coffee makers have been around for nearly 100 years and most kitchens have one stashed somewhere. Even if you have an electric coffee maker sitting on your countertop, nothing beats brewing two cups of coffee in a French press on…

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