Top 5 Accessories Every Cafe Should Have

rhino pitcher pouring latte art

5 Must Have Accessories for Your Cafe to Save You Time and Money and Serve Better Coffee Are you struggling to keep up during busy periods in your cafe? Are your customers dropping out due to the wait time? Is this costing you money? Some simple and cost-effective accessories can save you time and money.…

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7 Essential Barista Tools You Must Have

pouring espresso

So you’ve got a shiny new espresso machine and grinder in your kitchen. Other than the coffee you’re going to need some cool gear to get you making the best bangers and flatties you’ve ever had!! 1. Tamper First on the list is a coffee tamper. Once you grind your coffee into your brewing handle,…

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5 time-saving tools for at-home baristas

Every budding at-home barista wants to create fabulous coffee. You spend the time finding the best grinder, sourcing the best beans, and perfecting your brew, but having a few bits of extra equipment can take your morning cup of Joe from good to amazing! These five products will perfect your home brewing experience. Milk Pitchers…

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