Where Are Baratza Coffee Grinders Made?

Baratza makes some of the best home and home/commercial grinders available on the market today. Coffee Hit is the official UK distributor of the Baratza coffee grinder range.  The design and engineering teams for Baratza grinders are based at their HQ in Seattle, while the grinders are manufactured out of the factory in Taiwan. In the…

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Broken Baratza Grinder? We’ll fix it for you from as little as £59!

You bought a Baratza coffee grinder and love it. So when your trusty companion decides to ‘opt-out’ of its coffee grinding duties what do you do? How do you fix your broken Baratza? Trying to troubleshoot these problems yourself is a) confusing and b) time-consuming! But that’s where we come in. Baratza Refurb Service A broken Baratza grinder shouldn’t…

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Broken Baratza Grinder? We can fix that for you!

baratza line up of grinders

Having your own electric coffee grinder is step one of knowing you’re going to get delectable coffee, at home, made with those freshly ground beans every single time. You bought a Baratza coffee grinder and you love it. So if on the very rare occasion your trusty companion decides to ‘opt-out’ of its coffee grinding…

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Grinding Tips by Baratza

baratza on bench

Grinding Tips WHAT SETTING (ON MY BARATZA GRINDER) SHOULD I USE FOR A SPECIFIC BREWING METHOD? There is no easy answer for this important question, as so many variables affect the grind, such as: Burr type – conical or flat Brewing method and specific recipe Type of coffee Level of Roast Freshness of the beans…

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How to choose your Baratza grinder by Baratza

This blog post is taken from Baratza’s own website. It highlights the differences and lets you be informed about which grinder is perfect for you. So you’ve started your journey down the rabbit hole of coffee. By now, you’ve probably heard that the first, biggest improvement you can make for great coffee at home is a…

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How to clean your coffee grinder

four baratza grinder in a kitchen

So you’ve treated yourself to one of the latest and best coffee grinders available and started enjoying the finest beans from all the greatest origins and UK craft roasters. The next question is, how to clean and maintain your new favourite kitchen gadget? Whether you have a manual or electric coffee grinder, it’s important to keep it in good condition…

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That’s a wrap! A London Coffee Festival round-up

baratza vario W+ in white

The biggest coffee party on earth has drawn to a close for another year. And what a party it was!  After months of anticipation, the London Coffee Festival was back with a bang for 2022, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The Truman Brewery was abuzz once again with the sounds of coffee enthusiasts appreciating the humble bean in all…

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Baratza Sette 30 Reviewed 2022

batata sette 30 on clean kitchen

The dedicated team at Baratza has been changing the face of home grinding for specialty coffee enthusiasts for many years – introducing the ground-breaking Vario grinder over a decade ago. To this day, the Vario often remains the go-to recommendation for an entry-point into higher-end home grinding. Meanwhile, Baratza has continued innovating with a range of grinding options, more recently introducing…

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Electric coffee grinders for home brewing

hand holding portafilter on baratza sette

Get grinding We are asked the same burning question all the time by coffee enthusiasts: What is the best way to replicate that coffee shop taste experience at home? As coffee experts, although we say so ourselves, our answer is always this: get a coffee grinder! With your own coffee grinder, you need only grind…

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The best high-quality grinders for a consistently awesome brew

baratza sett next to espresso machine

You love coffee, right? You’re a serious coffee fan. You drink only freshly ground. freshly brewed coffee. You geek out over artisan roasts. You even read coffee blogs, maybe…? Looking for the best You may already own a coffee grinder, for that real café experience in your own kitchen. But maybe you’re looking to upgrade…

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