Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine Than Regular Coffee?

As the hot summer days continue, you might find yourself reaching for your trusty cold brew instead of your usual hot cup of Joe that got you through the winter months. It’s cooling, refreshing and delicious. What’s not to love? But how does it stand up to its steamy counterpart in the caffeine stakes? We’re…

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5 Cool Gadgets to Pimp Your Aeropress

You’ve just bought an Aeropress and its a pretty simple device and that deliveries great, delicious coffee.  You might be thinking what else can I do with this thing? Here we will list some must-have accessories for your Aeropress 1. Puck Puck  Turn your Aeropress into a Cold Coffee Brew tower! Simply place on top of…

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Aeropress or French Press? Which to Choose?

aeropress silhoutte

You might be like “I’ve heard of this Aeropress thing, but ive always used a French Press, which should I be using?!” A great question. Everyone has or has used a French Press, your nan probably had a dusty one in her cupboard somewhere. Your family dust it off when a guest is around and serves them “the good coffee”.…

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