How to Make Pour-Over Coffee Using the Clever Coffee Dripper

The innovative and newly-improved Clever Coffee Dripper is a one-cup brewing gadget which works by adding ground coffee to a paper filter.

You simply add hot water and let the grounds steep for two or three minutes. Then a one-way valve allows the coffee to exit the vessel when it’s placed on top of your mug.

How to use your Clever Coffee Dripper

Add around 18-20g of freshly ground coffee to the Clever Coffee Dripper with a filter paper, then add hot water.

Let it steep for around two to three minutes and then sit the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of your cup. This action opens the valve at the bottom to allow the filtered coffee to fall through.

This will make about 350ml - equivalent to a large mug.

Updated and improved Clever Coffee Dripper

Recent improvements have made the incredible little Clever Dripper even better. The handle is more ergonomic, making it more balanced, safer and more pleasurable to use. The lid now fits even more snugly and the base design now makes for easier cleaning. The new Clever Coffee Dripper is made from Eastman Tritan BPA-free plastic, which is the best food grade heat resistant plastic available.

Save with a Clever Dripper Brewing bundle

Check out our Clever Brewing Bundle which contains everything you need to start using the Clever Coffee Dripper. The kit contains not only the Clever brewer itself but also the outstanding Rhino Small Hand Coffee Grinder and some Filtropa Size 4 Filters which we recommend for use with the Clever Dripper.

You can save 22% on the separate price of these items with this bundle, so it’s a canny choice.

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