How Much Are Coffee Grinders?

The cost of coffee grinders can vary widely. The cost is usually determined by the accuracy of the grinding mechanism and the ability to grind both fine and course grinds. There are also grinders that have funky features like scales that allow you to dose by weight or time.  

If you just want to chop up your coffee beans and brew then a simple blade grinder would be just what you need. Blade coffee grinders can range from £20-£40 for an electric blade grinder. So really, what you’re buying here is a little spice grinder that has had coffee placed on the box. And, to be honest, you might as well purchase pre-ground. 

Blade grinder cut the beans as a knife would. However, you need to crush the beans into a powder-like form for best results, and that is where the burr grinder comes in. 

Electric Or Manual Grinders?

Once you have selected to upgrade your coffee experience with a burr grinder, you have two options, manual or electric. 

You really want to make sure your grind is uniform size for a superior taste, so f you are choosing a manual grinder, you want to make sure you choose a burr grinder that costs at least £40- £50. It will be money well spent as you’ll notice the superior coffee flavours. 

For electric burr coffee grinders, you can expect to pay between £50 and £200. If you are looking to spend closer to £50, I suggest you buy a good hand grinder rather than an electric grinder at this price. 

For a really decent electric grinder that will give excellent results and last a long time with UK support, you would expect to pay between £150 to £200. 

If you enjoy coffee and the idea of grinding your own beans appeals, as it should, then investing in a good solid coffee grinder is the single best thing you can do to improve and make your coffee brewing more enjoyable and tasty.

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