7 Essential Barista Tools You Must Have

So you’ve got a shiny new espresso machine and grinder in your kitchen.

Other than the coffee you’re going to need some cool gear to get you making the best bangers and flatties you’ve ever had!!

1. Tamper

First on the list is a coffee tamper. Once you grind your coffee into your brewing handle, this coffee needs to be flattened and compressed. Otherwise, the water will flow through too fast. Tampers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Use a ruler to measure the top of your metal filter basket and take away around 3-4mm. The most common size is 58mm, so if you measure around this then safest to go with 58mm base.

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2. Knock Box or Bin

This is a dedicated bin to knock your used coffee into. Perfect for use with your brewing handle and great if you want to recycle or compost the coffee grounds.

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3. Milk Jug or Pitcher

Can’t make a flattie without a pitcher to steam the milk in. We recommend kitting yourself out with 2 non-stick pitchers. One in 12oz and the other in 20oz.

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4. Thermometer

There’s nothing worse than scorched milk. The ideal temperature is around 55-65c, so get yourself a simple thermometer to take the guesswork out and guarantee perfect froth every time.

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5. Scales

No-one wants to waste great coffee. A good set of brewing scales will make sure you’re grinding and adding the correct amount of coffee to your basket. You can also use them to accurately weigh your shots as they come out with far greater accurate than sight or time.

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6. Shot Glass

These are great if the height under your handle is limited or if you like to split your shots. Thhy’re also handy to check the volume of espresso you’ve just poured.

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7. Cleaning Brush and Cloth

Once you’re done brewing, you need to clean. This is really 7 and 8 but we ran out of numbers! The Pallo Grindminder Countertop brush is great to clean the group head while flushing. The Rhino Barista Cloth set is perfect for wiping steam wands and keeping your espresso machine nice and clean.

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These 7 trusty tools will help you get the best out your espresso machine.


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