5 Cool Gadgets to Pimp Your Aeropress

You’ve just bought an Aeropress and its a pretty simple device and that deliveries great, delicious coffee. 

You might be thinking what else can I do with this thing?

Here we will list some must-have accessories for your Aeropress

1. Puck Puck 

Turn your Aeropress into a Cold Coffee Brew tower! Simply place on top of your Aeropress and fill with water and ice and let gravity work its magic. Hey presto, cold brew!

2. Fellow Prismo

Want a more intense espresso-like brew out of you Aeropress? The Prismo is for you. Screw onto the bottom of your Aeropress, it will build up pressure as you press down giving a more intense brew much more like espresso.

3. Able Disk

Never run out of paper filters again! Able Disk is a re-useable stainless steel disk that fits the Aeropress perfectly. More environmentally friendly, the Able Disk gives good results.

4. Rhino Coffee Gear Small Hand Grinder

The Rhino Small Hand grinder is the perfect accompaniment to your Aeropress. 

A) It fits into the chamber of the Aeropress for traveling and storing

B) It comes with an Aeropress adapter so you grind straight into the brew chamber of the Aeropress.

5. Able Travel Cap

Use the chamber of the Aeropress to store coffee, filter papers and then cap it off with the Able Travel Cap. The cap will keep everything secure in the chamber while you go about your business.

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